By The Numbers

KCTCS thanks the thousands of Champions, especially our Business Champions, who played a critical role in our Fuel the Force campaign. As the 2016 General Assembly session comes to a close and we await the final budget, please know that your efforts helped to make a real difference.

KCTCS is not my institution – it is the Commonwealth’s. It belongs to our students, faculty, staff, business and industry leaders, community members, and officials and policymakers. With that in mind, with the launch of Fuel the Force, we took a different approach to advocacy efforts. In my opinion, a message is stronger when it comes from those who do not have to speak for us, but choose to speak for us, on their own time and in their own way. Your visits, phone calls, letters, emails, and social media posts have demonstrated how important KCTCS and your local college are to you, your workforce, and your community.

I want to assure you that throughout the session, I was doing my part to Fuel the Force. In January,  A letter from me with the KCTCS legislative agenda was delivered  to every member of the General Assembly. From January through March, each of our sixteen colleges hosted “Business Champion Showcase Days” in the Capitol Annex. I sent an invitation to all legislators to attend the showcase sessions to see the innovative programs and offerings that our colleges provide. I was able to attend many of these showcase days to support college leadership, visit with faculty and students, and talk informally with many legislators who stopped by to visit.

February 18 marked KCTCS Day in Frankfort. Hundreds of our Champions traveled far and wide to make this day a huge success. Governor Bevin attended our rally in the rotunda, as did numerous legislators. A proclamation was signed declaring the day “KCTCS Day.” That evening, I welcomed legislators, college leadership, and Business Champions to a reception at the Frankfort History Center.

Throughout the session, I made multiple visits to Frankfort for meetings with legislators to proactively discuss issues as they arose. I also testified to the Senate Education Committee and Budget Review Committee on Postsecondary Education, as requested.

My top priority is to be open, transparent, and accessible to members of the General Assembly. Again, I thank you for your efforts that have complemented what we have done on the ground in Frankfort. Thanks to your advocacy efforts, stakeholders and policymakers across the Commonwealth now have a better understanding of how KCTCS fuels Kentucky’s workforce. I sincerely hope that this understanding will be reflected in the budget. As we’ve said from the beginning, an investment in KCTCS is an investment in Kentucky jobs.


– Dr. Jay Box


An investment in KCTCS is an investment in Kentucky jobs.

Advocacy Cuts

No. of years the KCTCS State appropriation has been cut:

Advocacy Budget

Amount KCTCS State appropriation has been cut to date:
$39 million

Advocacy Loss

Total cuts if proposed State budget enacted:
$56 million

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