Message from Dr. Box



Dear friends of KCTCS,

Governor Bevin has proposed that the General Assembly cut funding for KCTCS yet again. These cuts are a significant blow to our budget, which is already extremely lean. In the last seven years, our budget has been cut by $39 million. If the governor’s proposal is enacted, that means an additional cut of $17 million, making the total cut to our budget $56 million.

KCTCS has a unique mission to provide business and industry with workforce training not offered by other postsecondary institutions. We need the General Assembly to reinvest in KCTCS so we can continue to meet our mission of improving the quality of life and employability of the citizens of the Commonwealth.

Please join our fight to keep the KCTCS budget whole by becoming a champion for KCTCS. Sign the petition and tell your legislators that an investment in KCTCS is an investment in Kentucky jobs. Let’s Fuel the Force and ensure that business and industry in the Commonwealth have the workforce they need to remain competitive!


KCTCS President